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Mohammed bin Rashid Housing Establishment Celebrates World Habitat Day with a Series of Diverse Events Over Three Days


Mohammed bin Rashid Housing Establishment, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 06 October 2023:

Today, the Mohammed bin Rashid Housing Establishment announced a series of events to celebrate World Habitat Day 2023. These events will span over three days, from October 6th to 8th, at the renowned Festival City Mall. Through this initiative, the establishment aims to engage both its service beneficiaries and the broader community of Dubai residents.

Haytham Abdul Rahman Al Khaja, Director of Corporate Communication and Marketing at the MBRHE, emphasized the importance of providing adequate housing. He stated, “Housing is a fundamental component of life, directly contributing to the well-being and progress of societies. With its availability, community members feel they’ve achieved one of the most important goals of their human project and the completion of their cultural structure. This is an aspiration of many communities, institutions, and governments worldwide. On the occasion of World Habitat Day, which holds significant meaning for all countries, it’s essential for housing-focused institutions globally to highlight and address housing challenges effectively.”

Al Khaja also praised the UAE’s efforts in the housing sector, noting that “the experience of government housing in the UAE stands as a model for many countries. Our government remains steadfast in providing housing to its citizens according to the highest international standards.”

Khaled Mohammed Al Bannai, Head of Communication at the Mohammed bin Rashid Housing Establishment, shed light on the global significance of World Habitat Day, saying, “On the first Monday of October every year, the world celebrates World Habitat Day. This UN-recognized day was established in 1986 to affirm the human right to shelter. The UAE continues its commitment to offering diverse housing solutions for its citizens, ensuring the stability and happiness of our future generations.”

Al Bannai further emphasized the MBRHE’s ongoing commitment, stating, “The Mohammed bin Rashid Housing Establishment is dedicated to harnessing all its resources and capabilities, investing in talents, expertise, innovative minds, and exceptional skills, and continually innovating to develop government housing strategies that align with the aspirations of our wise government and serve its vital interests.”

The Mohammed bin Rashid Housing Establishment invites the public, its beneficiaries, and all media outlets to join the World Habitat Day celebrations, showcasing the UAE’s commitment to supporting housing rights and solutions.

The MBRHE also encourages everyone to visit its official website www.mbrhe.gov.ae to learn more about its services and its continued efforts in advancing the housing sector in Dubai.

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About the Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment:

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment is a government institution aimed at providing housing solutions that meet the needs of Dubai citizens. It offers a range of services including housing, financial, complementary services to the engineering sector, advisory, smart services, and staff services. The institution is committed to enhancing its smart services and providing a smooth user experience by focusing on innovation and excellence. The Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment strives to provide a dignified life and stability for citizens by offering proactive, sustainable housing services, setting flexible policies, entering strategic partnerships, and ensuring optimal resource utilization.

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