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The OWRealty App: Transforming Dubai’s Real Estate Market

Dubai’s real estate market is set to undergo a significant transformation with the introduction of technology-driven solutions. One of the key players leading the way is OWRealty, owned by ONE WAY REAL ESTATE. With the launch of its innovative app for residential off-plan real estate, navigating the market in Dubai has become much easier. In 2023, there has been a record number of real estate transactions, making it a ripe market for the development of PropTech.

Streamlining the Real Estate Process

OWRealty’s app aims to streamline and optimize the process of purchasing real estate in the UAE, making it safer for both local and foreign investors. The app comes at an exciting time for Dubai’s real estate market, with over 250 new off-plan projects from 80+ UAE developers. It will serve as the first property portal and transaction center for global customers, providing access to Dubai’s vast real estate market.

Smart Features and Accessibility

The OWRealty app is currently available for Android and iPhone users in English, with plans to expand its language offerings to Arabic, Chinese, German, French, Hindi, Russian, Spanish, and more. Users can download the app from anywhere in the world and browse Dubai’s real estate listings. The app provides smart search filters and allows users to set alerts for new property listings, ensuring they have the opportunity to view homes, apartments, and villas as soon as they become available.

Furthermore, the app enables prospective buyers to contact real estate agents or brokers from OWRealty for comprehensive assistance throughout their purchasing journey. This level of convenience and accessibility will undoubtedly make the OWRealty app a leader in Dubai’s booming real estate industry, which is projected to reach AED 300 billion.

Future Expansion and Market Insights

CEO Nick Lutsenko has plans to further expand the functionality of the OWRealty app. In the near future, the app will include a section of analytics on the real estate market, providing users with valuable insights based on facts provided by the Dubai Land Department (DLD). Users will also have access to key news reports on current developments in the real estate market, giving them a comprehensive understanding of the market in the United Emirates.

With its innovative features and commitment to solving real estate challenges, the OWRealty app is set to make real estate transactions smoother amidst Dubai’s growing demand. The addition of a catalog of real estate listings to the app will further enhance the search and purchase process for users worldwide. OWRealty is inviting investors to expand the real estate market globally with this powerful new tool, and the future of real estate looks bright as the industry continues to adapt and offer opportunities to grow beyond borders.

Sources: Nick Lutsenko, CEO of OWRealty


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