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Established in 2022, IMPERA PROPERTIES is a dynamic real estate company based in Dubai, UAE, with a focus on providing comprehensive services for both residential and commercial properties within the dynamic Dubai market. With a dedicated team of 10 experienced professionals, IMPERA specializes in navigating the secondary market, connecting buyers and sellers with expertise and transparency.

Core Services and Expertise:


  • Buying and Selling: Representing clients in the acquisition and sale of both residential and commercial properties, leveraging their market knowledge and strong network to achieve optimal outcomes.

Target Audience:

IMPERA caters to a diverse international clientele, serving buyers, sellers, and investors seeking to navigate the Dubai real estate market.

Specialization in Commercial Properties:

While offering services for all property types, IMPERA has a particular expertise in the commercial real estate sector, providing in-depth knowledge and insights to guide clients in this specialized market.

Key Strengths and Differentiators:

  • Market Expertise: IMPERA possesses a deep understanding of the Dubai real estate market, enabling them to provide valuable insights and guidance to clients.
  • Client-Centric Approach: They prioritize building strong relationships with clients, focusing on their individual needs and ensuring a positive and transparent experience.
  • Comprehensive Services: IMPERA offers a full suite of services, covering all aspects of buying and selling, making the process seamless and efficient for clients.

Contact Information:

Gulf Estate Gazette is proud to feature IMPERA PROPERTIES, a company dedicated to providing comprehensive and efficient real estate services, with a particular emphasis on commercial property transactions, in the vibrant Dubai market.

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