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Dubai’s real estate D&B unveils groundbreaking book

Innovative Release
  • Dubai's real estate D&B unveils a groundbreaking book that promises to revolutionize the industry, offering invaluable insights, analysis, and perspectives on the evolving landscape of Dubai's real estate sector.

Dubai’s real estate D&B unveils groundbreaking book

A Decade of Real Estate and Entrepreneurial Triumph About Its Chairman

Press Release

May 3, 2024

Dubai, UAE: The eagerly awaited book ” A mastermind of Dubai real Estate: A Decade of Real Estate and Entrepreneurial Triumphs,” about the renowned entrepreneur and real estate visionary Husni Al Bayari, was officially released at a prestigious event attended by valued attendees, incorporating relatives, close companions, and coworkers who have been essential in his journey over the past decades.

Positioned as a vital guide for leading Dubai’s competitive real estate business, Al Bayari’s book offers readers an intimate peek into his remarkable path from humble beginnings to becoming a trailblazing figure in the business. With firsthand tales and illuminating anecdotes, the book recounts Al Bayari’s rise as a pioneering force, solidifying his legacy as a Dubai real estate maestro.

Remembering the debut occasion, Husni Al Bayari declared, “We are only getting started.” “This book is beyond a reflection of the past; it’s a tribute to our future hopes and the unlimited possibilities that lie ahead. Together, let’s motivation, dream, and manifest. Our reward grows with the depth of the dream.”

At the ceremony, amidst celebrations and reflections on past victories, Al Bayari also announced another milestone: “Another award! This distinction is not just a recognition of past accomplishments; it is a testimonial to the devotion and tenacity of our team. We have accomplished phenomenal accomplishments together, and we intend to continue challenging beyond the limits of excellence in our alliance.”

The book highlights Al Bayari’s life-changing adventures over the last ten years, detailing his audacious real estate and business endeavors. From the founding of D&B Properties, which has grown since as a prominent real estate brokerage recognized with excellence, to the pioneering debut of Evolutions, a pioneering concept retain redefining the real estate sector, Al Bayari’s entrepreneurial brilliance demonstrates through each narrative.

Adham Younis, [GCEO], adds that “Our Chairman’s visionary leadership and ambitious beliefs were the driving forces behind the creation of this book, demonstrating his remarkable journey and inspiring others to strive for their own goals.” Mania Merrikhi, [DEPUTY-CEO], states that “Our team’s persistent consistency with our chairman’s vision and values has been the foundation of our collective wins.”

A lifestyle essential for anybody wishing to navigate the complexity of the real estate sector successfully and clearly, ‘A Mastermind of Dubai Real Estate’ provides priceless insights drawn from Al Bayari’s direct experiences. The book will inspire and empower readers to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams with courage, weaving a gripping narrative alongside invaluable guidance.


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