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ACRES Real Estate Exhibition 2024 set to spotlight over 120 property projects

Premier Real Estate Event
  • ACRES Real Estate Exhibition 2024 gears up to be the premier event in the region, showcasing over 120 property projects from leading developers, highlighting the latest trends and innovations in the real estate sector.

The Organizing Committee of the ACRES Real Estate Exhibition declared the completion of its preparations for the inaugural edition launch in Dubai, set to debut this year from May 16th to 19th at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Spanning over an area of 6000 square meters, ACRES has successfully attracted major real estate development and investment companies, alongside top-tier property brokers, project management firms, banks, and financial institutions in the UAE.

The event represents an exciting debut of a diverse range of real estate projects, making their first appearance in the UAE. This milestone is expected to attract the interest of numerous investors and business professionals eager to explore promising real estate ventures and unique investment prospects.

The exhibition will also showcase a diverse selection of residential, commercial, and industrial properties and land parcels, featuring exclusive offers at competitive pricing. These offerings include various installment and repayment plans and long-term financing options, presented by a substantial group of real estate developers and investors.

Saeed Ghanem Al Suwaidi, Chairman of the organizing Committee of ACRES Dubai, clarified that the exhibition highlights the participation of over 40 domestic firms, which will display more than 120 property projects highlighting the most important and latest trends within the UAE’s real estate market.

He affirmed that the event has demonstrated notable year-on-year progress in all aspects, including exhibition space, participating companies, and organizational efficiency, reinforcing its stature as one of the region’s premier real estate exhibitions.

The ACRES Organising Committee is committed to spotlighting the newest, most advanced innovations in real estate investment and development in the UAE. By doing so, they aim to open up more opportunities to invigorate and enhance this crucial sector. Ultimately, their efforts will not only boost real estate investments but also shine a light on the impressive urban growth and revitalization happening across the country.

Al Suwaidi emphasized that this year, ACRES has witnessed fierce competition among property developers and investors striving to present a unique array of real estate opportunities tailored specifically for the exhibition. This competitive atmosphere is fueled by exclusive discounts, promotional offers, and favorable payment and financing terms designed for residential, commercial, and industrial projects showcased at the event. Additionally, he underscored the strength of the UAE’s real estate sector, bolstered by robust legislations and regulations that create a secure and promising investment landscape, ensuring stability and lucrative returns for investors while maintaining equilibrium in the market.

ACRES anticipates favorable outcomes, with a wide-ranging participation of prominent investors and developers across various sectors including real estate, construction, development, investment, brokerage, and finance. This diverse engagement promises significant returns through lucrative deals and an impressive turnout of visitors, investors, and business leaders, both locally and internationally, surpassing expectations within and beyond the UAE.

Al Suwaidi stressed that the ACRES organizing Committee has worked hard to create an event packed with a variety of activities aimed at showcasing the multitude of real estate projects flourishing in the UAE. Their goal is to draw in global investments by highlighting the richness and diversity of opportunities available in the region.

This event offers a special opportunity for everyone involved in the bustling real estate sector to come together, connect, share knowledge and experiences, form partnerships, and make successful deals. It takes advantage of Dubai and the UAE’s welcoming environment for investors, as well as their substantial economic and urban development efforts, to create a holistic and beneficial experience for all participants.

Al Suwaidi underscored that ACRES Dubai’s organizing Committee is steadfastly committed to offering a distinguished platform for real estate developers, investors, and professionals, as well as property experts and specialists, to meet up, interact, and exchange experiences. This fosters collaborations and partnerships and creates a competitive environment conducive to real estate investment.

Over its successive past rounds since its launch in 2008, the ACRES Real Estate Exhibition remains dedicated to providing a comprehensive experience for participants, visitors, and all relevant parties in the real estate sector.

The exhibition offers a comprehensive program of workshops, training sessions, and courses, all provided free of charge in both Arabic and English languages. Led by a panel of esteemed experts, specialists, and influential figures in the real estate sector, these sessions will delve into the present status and future potential of the UAE’s real estate market. Participants will gain valuable insights, enhancing their understanding of the property landscape and enabling them to remain informed about the latest trends and advancements driving the industry forward.

The ACRES Dubai Exhibition will welcome visitors from May 16th to 19th, operating from 10 am to 8 pm daily, with the exception of Friday, when it will open from 3 pm to 9 pm.


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