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Shard introduces revolutionary co-ownership model to Dubai’s premium real estate market

Shard introduces revolutionary co-ownership model to Dubai’s premium real estate market

Previously available only to a selected network, Shard’s service will launch to the public on July 1

Press Release

June 25, 2024

Dubai: Shard is set to transform the UAE’s premium real estate landscape with its innovative co-ownership model, proven worldwide, making premium properties more accessible than ever. Previously available only to a selected network, Shard’s service will launch to the public on July 1. Shard offers 1/8 ownership with your name on the title deed and seamless property management at a fraction of the cost.

Shard caters to those seeking a luxurious lifestyle, providing access to world-class amenities in some of Dubai’s most coveted locations. With exclusive use of the property for 44 days a year, owners can enjoy premium residences in locations such as Downtown, Bluewaters Island, and Palm Jumeirah. The co-ownership model allows for a flexible and upscale living experience, ideal for personal retreats, family vacations, or hosting friends.

Dubai has become a hotspot for property investments, with premium real estate prices appreciating by 17.4% in 2023 and further growth predicted. Shard provides a unique opportunity for investors to capitalise on this growth trend and diversify their portfolios. For the price of one property, investors can now buy 8. With carefully curated listings starting at 200,000 AED, Shard brings the co-ownership model to Dubai. As a launch offer, a refundable 5,000 AED fee secures a share in a premium property.

Shard has partnered with renowned real estate agencies and proptech companies such as BetterHomes, Huspy, and more to list and acquire properties in Dubai. This collaboration underscores Shard’s commitment to offering the top 1% of real estate opportunities by leveraging an extensive network of partners.

Co-ownership of the top 1% of Dubai’s real estate comes with a number of benefits:

  • Own 1/8+, access 44+ days
  • Rent or use as you wish
  • Curated properties only, starting at 200,000 AED
  • Your name is on the title deed.
  • Hassle-free management.
  • Capital appreciation and quarterly rental yield.
  • Resell any time.
  • Seamless digital experience.

The co-ownership model, already popular in the US, Europe, and Southeast Asia, is expected to rapidly gain traction in the UAE due to the booming real estate market. It alleviates the burdens of sole ownership, such as large financial outlays, complex paperwork, and property maintenance.

Through its custom website and mobile app, Shard enables up to eight owners per property, ensuring lower entry costs to true ownership and end-to-end management by Shard. A dedicated Shard team facilitates a fully transparent purchase process, as well as the scheduling of stays.

Speaking of the concept, István Juhász, CEO and co-founder of Shard, said, “Shard was born out of my dream to own a second home. Buying the home you fall in love with is expensive and investing in real estate funds feels impersonal. With co-ownership comes the attractive benefits of both without the hassle of managing the property. At Shard, we have designed a seamless experience for our customers to enjoy effortless co-ownership from buying through scheduling all the way to reselling. Own a share, live the full lifestyle.”

Shard properties are tailored for co-ownership, offering flexibility and a luxurious lifestyle. Payment options include bank transfer, cheque, credit card, and, later on, crypto coins. The Shard App provides convenience and transparency, allowing users to schedule stays, rent their days out, and sell shares with just a click.

Co-ownership is a growing trend globally, enabling many to realise their dreams of owning premium second homes. It aligns with modern lifestyle preferences for high-end property access without long-term financial commitments. It also allows investors to diversify their real estate portfolio with minimal risk.

Join Shard today, own a share, and experience premium living.


About Shard

Shard is bringing second-home co-ownership to the Gulf Area. Starting at 200,000 AED, individuals can own a 1/8 share in a premium property with their name on the title deed. Shard offers hassle-free management and a seamless digital experience in curated properties in the most sought-after areas of Dubai.

Owners can enjoy their second home for 44 days a year with friends and family or rent out their days. Shares can be resold at any time to benefit from the world-class appreciation in Dubai. Shard plans to expand to other cities in the Gulf Area.

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