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ORA: Redefining the future of global real estate

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  • ORA: Redefining the future of global real estate

ORA: Redefining the future of global real estate

ORA Developers is rapidly making its mark in the real estate sector, setting itself apart as a leading industry player. With a proven track record of successful ventures spanning both local and international domains, ORA is now boldly expanding its horizons. Driven by expertise, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, ORA aims to redefine the global real estate landscape.

Its ambition is evident in its recent projects. In Pakistan, ORA assumed a pivotal role in creating the country’s inaugural 18-hole golf course. Nestled within the picturesque expanse southwest of Islamabad, Eighteen is a tranquil and secure enclave, featuring upscale villas and apartments complemented by top-tier amenities.

In Grenada, the Silversands Hotel by ORA is anchored by a stunning 100m infinity pool – the longest in the Caribbean. Meanwhile, in Cyprus, the distinctive twisted towers at Ayia Napa Marina is rapidly becoming a prominent landmark in the country.

Ambitious projects

There is no doubt that ORA’s projects stand out. Naguib Sawiris, the chairman and CEO of ORA, views each project as a personal artistic expression. For Sawiris, his signature lies in his artistic touch, evident in his ambitious undertakings. While many developers create remarkable architectural marvels, Sawiris seeks to go beyond the ordinary.

“In the case of Grenada, my idea was to construct the world’s longest swimming pool,” says Sawiris. “I wanted to astonish visitors with the sheer length of this pool. The pool seemingly stretches into the ocean, standing as the Caribbean’s longest pool. It functions as a landmark, the first sight at Silversands Grenada. Our goal in all projects is to incorporate such landmarks, sometimes even in the minutest corners of the building.”

Whether it’s the artwork, building design, or the showstopping swimming pool, each ORA project possesses a distinctive element. Since its inception, every year has marked a new milestone for ORA, from commencing projects in new countries to completing one of its luxurious projects.

Amid a deluge of offerings from various developers, ORA’s differentiation springs from its design ethos, characterised by minimalism, modernity, and longevity. This approach is proving effective as completed or nearly finished ORA projects garner resounding acclaim. This success is attributed to the early establishment of quality standards during the design phase.

Crafting an extraordinary lifestyle

In Pakistan, ORA’s involvement in the Eighteen development, featuring an expansive 18-hole golf course covering 35 per cent of the land across 850,000 square metres, has already captivated visitors. ORA’s commitment to creating an extraordinary lifestyle and attaining excellence is evident. Recognising the abundance of stunning destinations worldwide, ORA understands the necessity of providing unparalleled experiences to stand out.

For the Cyprus twisting towers venture, Sawiris aspired to make it a Mediterranean gem from the outset. His vision was to leave an enduring legacy on the island with an impeccably designed project. Today, this ambitious undertaking boasts a 600-berth marina accommodating luxurious yachts, alongside opulent villas and apartments in two twisting towers, complemented by restaurants and bars. Designed by American architects Smith Group JJR, this project has truly transformed the Cypriot landscape with its distinctive twist.

“In Cyprus, the initial plans featured two conventional high-rise buildings,” says Sawiris. “I proposed a distinctive structure absent in Cyprus — a twisted tower. I’m fond of the aesthetic of twisted towers, a rarity in Cyprus compared to the numerous examples globally. They informed me that incorporating the twist would incur an additional $20 million in costs.”

Sawiris holds no reservations about investing extra for superior design or enhanced location.

“Certain projects are long-term investments, unlikely to yield immediate profits. Nevertheless, they position our company on the foundation of what I term the pursuit of excellence. Our projects embody this pursuit.”

Closer to home, in the UAE, ORA has a partnership agreement with Abu Dhabi Investment company, Q Holding, to develop a smart and sustainable city in Ghantoot, a coastal area between Abu Dhabi and Dubai.The expansive mixed-use project, poised to become one of the largest in the private sector, will encompass over 20 million square metres. It will seamlessly integrate residential, hotel, cultural, commercial, sporting, and recreational offerings.

As more of ORA’s projects near completion, the exceptional outcomes will undoubtedly speak for themselves.


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