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MBRHE Wins 13 Global and Local Awards in 2023

MBRHE Wins 13 Global and Local Awards in 2023

Press Release

Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, January 28, 2024:Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment has garnered 13 global and local awards during the year 2023 for its pioneering initiatives and projects contributing to the establishment’s goals, thus enhancing its standing among global housing entities, and affirming its leadership in achieving sustainable development goals and elevating the level of housing services it provides.

The 2023 awards highlight the establishment’s firm commitment to innovation, future foresight, customer happiness, digital and institutional transformation, call centers, and leading services. Among the awards, the establishment received the “Best Business Transformation” award for its strategic efforts that led to enhanced operational efficiency. It also received the “World Future Awards 2023” for its leading initiatives designed to address future challenges with sustainable solutions.

The “Call Center and Customer Experience” award and the “Best New Product/Service” award recognize Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing for its exceptional commitment to customer engagement and for introducing leading services in the sector. Additionally, the establishment’s creativity in communication was honored with two “Marketing & Communication Awards.”

The dedication of Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing in supporting new ideas was highly appreciated with the “Innovative Ideas” award, while its operational practices received a “6 Stars” rating in the International Best Practices Competition, indicating a global level of excellence.

MBRHE also earned the title of “Best Place to Work” for creating an ideal work environment, ensuring it remains a preferred destination for employees. The “GC Mark” awards in various categories further reinforced its leading position in service excellence, innovative architectural design, especially 3D villas, and the smart innovation system within its innovation lab.

MBRHE extends its sincere gratitude to all the teams and partners whose tireless efforts led to these achievements. Each award marks a significant milestone in Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing’s journey towards realizing the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to position Dubai among the world’s leading cities in living, working, and innovation.

The establishment draws from this recognition the determination to continue expanding the possibilities of housing and urban development. These awards not only represent a testament to past achievements but also serve as a beacon guiding its future efforts to enhance the quality of life for residents of Dubai.

Commenting on this achievement, Mariam Al Suwaidi, Director of Strategy and Development at Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing, said: “This honor is a testament to the great efforts made by Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing in the fields of innovation and future foresight, which places it among the leading housing entities globally. Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing is proud of its tangible achievements that contribute to enhancing the quality of life in Dubai, and the awards it has received are a testament to its commitment to excellence and innovation in all its projects and initiatives, reflecting Dubai’s vision to provide efficient government services.”

These achievements add to the record of key initiatives of Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing. The establishment invites the public to visit its official website www.mbrhe.gov.ae to learn more about its services and the ongoing efforts to develop the housing sector in Dubai.

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About Mohammed bin Rashid Housing Establishment (MBRHE):

The Mohammed bin Rashid Housing Establishment is a government institution aimed at providing housing solutions that meet the needs of Dubai residents. It offers a range of services, including housing, finance, supplementary engineering, consultancy, smart services, and employee services. The Establishment is committed to enhancing its smart services and ensuring a seamless user experience through innovation and excellence. The Mohammed bin Rashid Housing Establishment strives to provide a dignified life and stability for citizens by offering proactive and sustainable housing services, developing flexible policies, forging strategic partnerships, and optimizing resource use.

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