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MBRHE Crowned with Compliance Certificate for Business Continuity System in a Distinctive Achievement

MBRHE Crowned with Compliance Certificate for Business Continuity System in a Distinctive Achievement

Press Release

Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment (MBRHE), Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 09 Feb 2024: 

Today, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment (MBRHE) announced its achievement in obtaining the compliance certificate for the National Standard for Business Continuity Management System (NCEMA 7000:2021) issued by the National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority. This step highlights MBRHE’s ongoing commitment and effective contribution to enhancing national business continuity. 

This achievement serves as a testament to MBRHE’s continuous efforts and dedication to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of national business operations, especially during emergencies and crises. It reinforces the United Arab Emirates’ position as a leading example in dealing with crises and disasters on both local and international levels.

In this context, HE Omar Hamad BouShehab, CEO of MBRHE, stated, “Obtaining this certificate is not just an accomplishment we are proud of, but it is a definitive proof of our leadership and dedication in adopting the highest standards of quality and efficiency in all our areas of work. We are proud to be the first government entity in the Emirate of Dubai to receive this honor, reflecting the great trust we have earned and the significant responsibility placed upon us to ensure the continuity of essential services at all times and under any circumstances.”

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HE Omar Hamad BouShehab, CEO of MBRHE

This recognition indicates MBRHE’s commitment to implementing best practices and developing effective strategies for risk management. It also reaffirms its leading role in enhancing stability and safety for the community it serves.

Bu Shehab added: “In its continuous efforts for improvement and development, MBRHE is adopting the latest technologies and best global practices in the field of national business continuity management. This approach not only enhances the efficiency of internal operations but also strengthens MBRHE’s ability to effectively respond to future challenges. Its commitment to continuous innovation and development ensures a leading position in the sector and enhances its ability to serve the community with the highest standards of quality and efficiency.”

It is noteworthy that MBRHE not only met the required standards to obtain this certificate but also exceeded them, setting an example in applying concepts of innovation and excellence in crisis management. This achievement is a significant step in MBRHE’s journey towards leadership and excellence in the government sector, reflecting its commitment to applying the highest standards of safety and efficiency in all aspects of its work, to provide a stable and secure environment for the citizens and residents of the United Arab Emirates.

These partnerships reflect MBRHE’s leadership role in promoting social integration and supporting innovation in the housing sector, especially for people of determination. They also indicate the establishment’s commitment to effecting positive and tangible change in the community and enabling all individuals to live with dignity and independence.

These partnerships add to the main initiatives record of MBRHE. The establishment invites the public to visit its official website to learn more about its services and ongoing efforts to develop the housing sector in Dubai.

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About Mohammed bin Rashid Housing Establishment (MBRHE):

The Mohammed bin Rashid Housing Establishment is a government institution aimed at providing housing solutions that meet the needs of Dubai residents. It offers a range of services, including housing, finance, supplementary engineering, consultancy, smart services, and employee services. The Establishment is committed to enhancing its smart services and ensuring a seamless user experience through innovation and excellence. The Mohammed bin Rashid Housing Establishment strives to provide a dignified life and stability for citizens by offering proactive and sustainable housing services, developing flexible policies, forging strategic partnerships, and optimizing resource use.

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