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Dubai’s Eywa partners with Mindvalley to create centre of excellence

Dubai’s Eywa partners with Mindvalley to create centre of excellence

Globally acclaimed life transformation firm Mindvalley has inked a strategic partnership with Eywa, a Dubai-based residential project spearheaded by R.Evolution. 

The partnership targets establishing Eywa in Dubai as Mindvalley’s premier hub of excellence in the region.

As part of the tie-up, the six-and-a-half-thousand-square-foot Eywa property will serve as a sanctuary for Mindvalley’s masters, providing a space equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. 

The Dubai property boasts features such as a waterfall and pool on a spacious terrace and a lush garden. R.Evolution says the Ewya property also boasts high air and water quality standards, as well as an environment that is intended to support the mental, physical, and spiritual well-being of its inhabitants.

Mindvalley, which was founded by Vishen Lakhiani, has built a reputation for bringing together some of the world’s most insightful educators.

Ever since launching in 2002, Mindvalley has grown to be a $40m company, according to estimates. 

“Mindvalley is now a partner with the Eywa Movement. At Mindvalley, we deeply believe that the space in which we live and work completely transforms our consciousness, productivity, and health. Eywa Movement is designed to create buildings that nurture humanism – mind, body, and spirit,” said Lakhiani in a statement.

Meanwhile, Alex Zagrebelny, CEO of R.Evolution and founder of the Eywa Movement, highlighted the synergy between the two companies. 

“At R.Evolution, we create aesthetically superior, health-centric buildings of the next revolutionary generation of real estate that pave the way for a brighter future. Mindvalley choosing Eywa as its home in the region proves that the Eywa Movement represents a common goal and that the value the Eywa Movement can bring to all our lives is endless and essential,” Zagrebelny added in a statement.

Alex Zagrebelny CEO R.Evolution and Vishen Lakhiani Founder Mindvalley
Pictured: Vishen Lakhiani, Founder Mindvalley (left) and Alex Zagrebelny, CEO R.Evolution (right).

The Eywa Movement is dedicated to integrating modern scientific advancements with ancient wisdom to create living spaces that promote well-being, awareness, and sustainability. 

More recently, Eywa has been recognised for its excellence, having won the World’s Best Property and Best International Apartment/Condominium Development at the International Property Awards in London. 

The development is noted for its use of Vastu Shastra design principles, aiming to harmonise the building’s energies to support residents’ longevity and health.

R.Evolution has been in existence for over 25 years, with a presence across various countries, including Latvia, Germany, Spain, and the UAE. 

Alex Zagrebelny pf R.Evolution Group talks real estate at Gulf Business’ ‘Business Breakfast’

Alex Zagrebelny, CEO of R.Evolution and founder of the Eywa Movement, talks about his experience at the Gulf Business Business Breakfast panel event. He shares his views on the fast moving real estate market as well as his upcoming projects. #gulfbusiness #GBBusinessBreakfast #realestate


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