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Workinton introduces 3 workspace products in Qatar to empower business growth

Tailored Solutions
  • Workinton's workspace products are designed to address the evolving needs of modern businesses, offering customizable solutions that adapt to changing market dynamics, technological advancements, and workforce requirements.

Workinton introduces 3 workspace products in Qatar to empower business growth

Workinton Qatar, which provides workspace solutions, including Doha’s leading coworking locations in West Bay, M7, Lusail, and Alfardan Centre has launched three new products designed to meet the evolving needs of modern businesses.
The introduction of suites, enterprise, and starter office marks a significant step forward in providing customisable and efficient workspace solutions for business sizes.
The ‘enterprise’ is a comprehensive solution for businesses aiming to expand effortlessly. The service extends beyond conventional workspace offerings, with a focus on strategic location solutions, expert project management, and streamlined operational excellence.
Workinton Qatar’s enterprise empowers companies to capitalise on prime real estate in Qatar taking advantage of the brand’s extensive marketability and established network of strategic partnerships, including support from Alfardan Properties, one of Qatar’s leading real estate developers.
The Workinton ‘suites’ is an unparalleled private workspace experience, meticulously designed to accommodate teams looking for a dedicated and inspiring environment. The suite’s spacious design includes exclusive amenities, such as a fully equipped coworking area, a well-furnished meeting room or a manager’s office.
Workinton suites are designed to ignite innovation and align seamlessly with the needs of businesses while prioritising the critical role of a dedicated workspace in enhancing team productivity and fostering professional development.
The starter office is ideal for budding startups and businesses taking their first steps. It is designed to provide the best environment for launching your venture and reaching new heights in business success. With streamlined trade license application support, Workinton’s dedicated Government Relations team simplifies the complexities of trade license applications, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process of launching a business from start to finish.
New founders will experience unparalleled support and guidance as they take those crucial first steps towards setting up their presence and achieving business aspirations in addition to being part of Workinton Qatar’s community of like-minded professionals.


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