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UDC showcases premium real estate projects at Hong Kong expo

Hong Kong Expo
  • Set the scene by highlighting the significance of the expo in Hong Kong, a renowned hub for international real estate investment and networking opportunities.

*UDC’s participation in expo was in collaboration with its financing partner, Commercial Bank
*Commercial Bank is offering mortgage loan packages to foreign investors looking to invest in Qatar property
United Development Company (UDC), master developer of The Pearl and Gewan Islands, participated in the International Immigration & Property Expo 2024 in Hong Kong recently.
This event marked a significant opportunity for UDC to showcase its premium real estate investment products in Qatar, particularly at The Pearl and Gewan Islands.
UDC’s participation in the expo was in collaboration with its financing partner, Commercial Bank, a leader in innovative digital banking in Qatar, to promote attractive financing schemes tailored for international non-resident investors. These schemes aim to provide seamless access to investment opportunities in UDC’s thriving property portfolio.
UDC said its presence at the International Immigration & Property Expo underscores its commitment to offering exceptional real estate investment opportunities in Qatar.
“Through strategic partnerships like the one with Commercial Bank, UDC aims to provide accessible and attractive financing options for global investors interested in Qatar’s dynamic property sector.
“Investors can leverage Qatar’s residency benefits and capitalise on the booming business climate, coupled with high returns on property investments with UDC, making it an ideal destination for international investors seeking lucrative opportunities.”
For its part, Commercial Bank is offering mortgage loan packages to foreign investors looking to invest in Qatar property. Loan products come with flexible tenures of up to 20 years, designed to meet the diverse financial needs of investors looking to invest in and acquire permanent residency in Qatar through the approved real estate investment channels.
During the expo, UDC showcased its flagship projects, including developments at The Pearl Island and Crystal Residence at Gewan Island, representing some of the most sought-after apartment buildings in Qatar’s newest mixed-use development.
UDC’s strategic engagement in global events like the International Immigration & Property Expo reflects its ongoing efforts to attract foreign investments into Qatar’s vibrant real estate sector.
This participation aligns with UDC’s mission to deliver premium real estate developments that cater to the needs and expectations of both local and international investors.


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