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The fifth edition of Build Your House exhibition expands to embrace increased exhibitors and new sponsors

Story Highlights
  • Explore the significant growth and expansion of the Build Your House exhibition, now in its fifth edition, as it attracts an increased number of exhibitors and secures new sponsors, reflecting its growing popularity and relevance in the industry.
  • Build Your House 2024 joins forces with the Ministry of Social Development and Family to bolster the GCC construction sector to host the second Gulf Housing Week Conference.
  • With an ambitious agenda, the aim is to foster the development of more livable cities and enhance the quality of life for citizens throughout the Gulf Corporation Council (GCC) nations.
  • This collaboration underscores a mutual commitment to addressing critical challenges and seizing opportunities in urbanization and housing, crucial for the sustainable growth of the GCC.
  • The Gulf Housing Week Conference and BYH 2024 will be attended by esteemed ministers from the GCC, Qatari homeowners, industry experts, and decision-makers. Their participation will enrich the discussions with diverse perspectives and insights.
  • Build Your House (BYH) Exhibition, an innovative concept tailored to meet the construction, fit-out, and renovation needs of Qatari nationals, has played a significant role in Qatar’s urban revitalization. This fifth edition, promises an enhanced immersive experience for visitors and exhibitors, boasting 50% increased exhibition space.
  • Build Your House Exhibition 2024 will broaden its international pavilion, hosting exhibitors from 10 countries including: Italy, Canada, Algeria, Lebanon, Turkey, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, KSA and Oman
  • International exhibitors and attendees are encouraged to secure their spots early with key decision-makers from across the GCC expected at the Gulf Housing Week Conference – participation will be instrumental in enhancing business prospects.

Doha, Qatar: Embark on an immersive journey into the world of homebuilding at the Build Your House Exhibition 2024, as it extends a warm invitation to Qataris to envision their dream homes. Celebrating its fifth edition, this esteemed event promises an unparalleled showcase of homebuilding expertise, innovation, and cutting-edge advancements.

In a momentous step forward, the Build Your House Exhibition proudly announces its partnership with key Qatari government entities, a testament to their steadfast support. This year, the exhibition is privileged to collaborate with Qatar’s Ministry of Social Development and Family to host the second edition of the Gulf Housing Week Conference. This significant partnership aims to enrich urban and real estate life, promoting the advancement of the construction sector in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), and strengthening the groundwork for a sustainable urban economy. This joint effort with the Ministry highlights a crucial stride towards fostering a sustainable urban economy and fostering the advancement of the construction sector.

Set to take place across four captivating days from May 13th to May 16th, 2024, the illustrious opening ceremony will be attended by the respected Minister of Commerce and Industry, H.E. Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad bin Qassim Al Abdullah Al Thani, and the esteemed Minister of Social Development and Family, H.E. Maryam bint Ali bin Nasser Al Misnad, at the prestigious Qatar National Convention Centre (QNCC).

With an anticipated attendance of over 300 exhibitor participants and insights from over 60 expert speakers, Gulf Housing Week Conference promises to be a dynamic platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and networking. The conference will coincide with the Build Your House exhibition, held directly within the exhibition area, providing a comprehensive experience for attendees.

The exhibition space will feature booths from all six GCC countries, with Qatar’s booth strategically represented within the Ministry of Social Development and Family’s space. Additionally, the GCC Council will host a booth, covering a total space of 800 square meters. This innovative setup encourages cross-border collaboration, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose within the region.

Distinguished ministers from the GCC, Qatari homeowners, industry professionals, and decision-makers will be present at the conference, contributing to the diversity and richness of the discussions. Gulf Housing Week transcends being just a conference; it signifies a collective commitment to pioneer sustainable communities.

The fifth edition of BYH 2024 is ready to cultivate deep bonds between Qatari homebuilders and an unmatched range of offerings from innovative consultants, skilled contractors, and esteemed suppliers, encompassing pioneers in smart home technology and beyond. Attendees will have access to a wealth of expertise via dynamic workshops led by esteemed government bodies, providing tangible insights into every facet of the homebuilding journey, and igniting inspiration through pioneering trends and revolutionary technologies.

This year’s event heralds an unprecedented expansion, with exhibition space growing by an impressive 50% complemented by the addition of 10 participating countries at the international pavilion. Such enhancements promise attendees access to an even broader array of suppliers and contractors, while affording them greater opportunities to participate in illuminating live talks, interactive Q&A sessions, and invaluable assistance provided through the complimentary self-build course.

In its steadfast commitment to fortifying the resilience of Qatar’s construction industry and propelling the nation towards its lofty National Vision, Build Your House Exhibition 2023 has garnered steadfast support from both government entities and private sector enterprises alike. Proudly, this year’s edition extends gratitude to its esteemed sponsors: Strategic Partner: Ministry of Social Development and Family, Sustainability Partner: Kahramaa; Official Bank: Dukhan Bank, Founding Partner: Tadmur Trading W.L.L.,  Platinum Sponsor: Al Rayyan Al Motahidah Projects; Gold Sponsors: Al Hattab Holding, Al Emadi Stones and Arabi Company Qatar W.L.L, Silver Sponsors: Monelli (Al Mutatawer Factory for Building Materials) and Jersey Group; Landscaping Sponsor: Al Sulaiteen Gardens;  Conference Partner: American Institute of Architects (AIA MEA) and Competition Educational Partner: VCUarts Qatar. Stay tuned for forthcoming announcements as more sponsors join in this noble endeavor.

Speaking about Build Your House Exhibition 2024, Mr. Rawad Sleem, Co-Founder and General Manager of NeXTfairs for Exhibitions and Conferences, said “We are thrilled to be the host of the fifth edition of Build Your House Exhibition, a Qatar-created event that has demonstrated significant impact on the growth of the construction industry and Qatar’s urban renaissance. The success of Build Your House Exhibition 2023 is evident in the remarkable business introductions and an impressive QR 800 million in deals. The upcoming fifth edition will further enhance the experience for our visitors and exhibitors as we collaborate with the Ministry of Social Development and Family to present the second edition of the Gulf Housing Week Conference. This collaboration with the Ministry is a pivotal effort aimed at fortifying the foundation for a sustainable urban economy and fostering the growth and development of the construction sector..”

Mr. Sleem expressed his anticipation for the diverse and in-depth discussions expected during Gulf Housing Week Conference and Build Your House 2024: “With the participation of esteemed ministers from the GCC, Qatari homeowners, industry professionals, 300 varied companies and decision-makers, this promises to be an inspiring and enlightening conference and exhibition. This collaboration holds immense potential to instigate change and growth, ultimately shaping the future of cities, real estate development, and the lives of people residing in Qatar and the GCC.”

The 2024 outlook for the construction and residential real estate market appears optimistic, as indicated by a report from Al Asmakh Real Estate Projects Company. It anticipates a positive impact on real estate trading across residential, commercial, and administrative sectors. Government agencies are committed to ongoing infrastructure projects in existing areas and supporting initiatives to foster a conducive business environment, thereby encouraging private sector involvement in various economic activities while safeguarding the country’s credit rating. This concerted effort is expected to fuel growth in the real estate sector.

State-led endeavors aim to transform areas with low housing demand into attractive locales through strategic investments. Concurrently, new investments are poised to stimulate demand in formerly stagnant areas, heralding a notable shift in market dynamics.

The report underscores the emergence of a new breed of luxury housing projects at competitive price points, spearheaded by real estate developers. These initiatives prioritize inclusivity, offering high-quality finishes and amenities catering to diverse demographics. Their imminent entry into the market is poised to invigorate real estate operations, with all signs pointing towards an upturn in market activity.

Build Your House Exhibition 2024, a local triumph, serves as a pioneering platform fostering connectivity and collaboration within Qatar’s construction sector by bringing together industry professionals and homeowners. Last year’s event saw suppliers sealing an estimated QR800 million in deals, underscoring its role as a catalyst for industry growth.

Speaking on behalf of Platinum sponsors, Mr. Mohammed Labda, Chairman, Al Rayyan Al Motahidah Projects said: “From the bustling heart of Doha, Qatar, we illuminate the construction landscape with a steadfast commitment to excellence and value. Our expertise lies in crafting premium buildings, villas, steel structures, and infrastructure, where each project surpasses all anticipations. With a proven track record exceeding 150 million Qatari Riyals, our team’s dedication and proficiency radiate in every venture. Join us at the Build Your House exhibition to experience the epitome of construction brilliance with Al Rayyan Al Motahidah Projects.”

Eng. Ahmad Ramadan, General Manager, Arabi Company Qatar W.L.L, said: “Embarking on the exhibition, we’re set to unveil a fusion of contemporary equipment and innovative concepts, accompanied by exclusive offers tailored for our esteemed visitors. Anticipate a spectrum of solutions catering to diverse water systems, empowering citizens with an extensive array of cutting-edge technologies and materials for home construction or refurbishment. Our mission is to assist villa owners in tackling every facet of water system challenges, encompassing cooling, heating, storage, and filtration, ensuring a seamless experience. Opting to participate in this exhibition stems from its unique capacity to converge contractors, suppliers, and project owners in a singular venue, offering a prime opportunity to glean market insights and stay abreast of the latest technological advancements.”

Mr. Kassim Dwairi, General Manager, Monelli (Al Mutatawer Factory for Building Materials, said: “Monneli epitomizes excellence in manufacturing, proudly crafting quality finishing and construction products for Qatar and beyond. With a commitment to exceptional quality and service, Monneli has not only flourished in Qatar but has also extended its reach globally, catering to markets in Australia and the UK. Join us at the Build Your House exhibition to experience our offerings firsthand, engage with our dedicated team, and explore opportunities to elevate the Qatari market with our premium construction solutions.”

Mr. Mohamed Ali Abdelhadi, General Manager, Al Sulaiteen Gardens, said: “We selected the Build Your House exhibition in alignment with our company’s strategy, prioritizing the needs of Qatari citizens who value their home gardens. Our showcase will unveil innovative products designed to enhance environmental sustainability and cater to the comforts of Qatari homes, emphasizing temperature reduction and introducing novel seating options unveiled exclusively at the exhibition. Recognizing the exhibition’s ongoing commitment to meeting the evolving needs of Qatari citizens eager for innovation, we anticipate that the Build Your House exhibition will offer a comprehensive array of new offerings across all sectors.”

This exhibition has swiftly emerged as a hub for showcasing the offerings of both local SMEs and international industry experts to consumers in Qatar. It empowers Qatari citizens to leverage government provisions for land development, housing vouchers, and loans effectively.

Beyond its role in fostering business growth, the Build Your House Exhibition 2024 will play a pivotal role in nurturing the next generation of designers in Qatar. BYH annually hosts a competition for interior design students from VCUarts University. Three finalists are granted priceless industry exposure as they showcase their designs at the exhibition.

Attendees can anticipate engaging in the second Gulf Housing Week Conference and exploring an expansive international pavilion featuring exhibitors from over 10 countries.

Scheduled from 13- 16 May 2024, at QNCC, Build Your House Exhibition 2024 will welcome the public from 10 am to 10 pm. Exhibitor registrations are currently open. For further details, visit www.buildyourhouseqatar.com or call 5514 1188.

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