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SweetcHome launches property matchmaking service in the UAE

Innovative Real Estate Solution
  • SweetcHome introduces a groundbreaking property matchmaking service in the UAE, revolutionizing the way individuals find their dream homes or investment properties.

SweetcHome launches property matchmaking service in the UAE

The new proptech company aims to simplify the real estate search through its first-of-its-kind, tailored home-hunting services and AI matchmaking technology

Press Release

April 30, 2024

Dubai, UAE – SweetcHome, a personalized property matchmaking platform in the UAE, today announced its official launch in Dubai.

The new proptech company aims to simplify the real estate search through its first-of-its-kind, tailored home-hunting services and AI matchmaking technology. For the first time in the UAE, tenants who are unhappy with their current home or location will be able to seamlessly switch homes with other tenants through the SweetcHome platform. Landlords and agents can also promote their properties on the platform, where the matchmaking system ensures visits from qualified customers.

Unlike most other property portals, SweetcHome is not a listing platform but a fully user-focused concept that puts service, customer care, and end users first. While the platform automates and refines the matchmaking process, the SweetcHome team is committed to servicing their customers, offering a stress-free real estate journey for everyone through advanced technology combined with customer care.

SweetcHome was founded in 2023 by Soufien Haddad and Amani Nahedh after many years of struggling to find a suitable home during their frequent moves and relocations as expats. Determined to build a better solution, they created SweetcHome. The company’s approach aligns with ESG goals by contributing to reduced commute times and carbon emissions through intelligent property matching. “SweetcHome”, a play on the words “Switch Sweet Home”, encompasses finding a sweet new home for tenants, buyers, and corporates.

Soufien Haddad, Co-Founder of SweetcHome, said: “The rental sector in Dubai offers untapped potential, but it can be a hassle to navigate the market for end users. With SweetcHome, we created a new solution to streamline the process and simplify the search experience. By working closely with all stakeholders in the real estate market, we can provide our customers with a simple and efficient search experience and the best offers in the market. We also want to help residents reduce their commute times and offer a new way to facilitate eco-friendly communities and enhanced well-being. With this digital platform, we can accelerate the transformation of the real estate market by spreading good practices at a much larger scale.”

About SweetcHome

SweetcHome was founded by Amani Nahedh and Soufien Haddad in 2023 as a digital platform aimed at simplifying the real estate search. As expats for over a decade, we experienced the challenges of finding the ideal home near work and school with each relocation. Our mission is to revolutionize the real estate market by offering an innovative platform for hassle-free property matchmaking that cares about people and protects the planet. We want to make it possible for anyone to effortlessly rent, sell, or buy their perfect property from the first viewing. Our vision is to facilitate eco-friendly communities that prioritize residents’ needs by strategically relocating people to reduce commute times and enhance well-being.

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