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Strengthened UK-GCC partnership spurs real estate opportunities and investment synergy

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  • The Middle Eastern investors are set to infuse AED 11.7 billion into the UK real estate market in 2024
  • Saudi Arabia's investment in the UK is evident through its annual contribution of over AED 304 billion ($69.36 billion)

Strengthened UK-GCC partnership spurs real estate opportunities and investment synergy

Dubai, UAE – The United Kingdom’s long-standing relationship with Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries has seen Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE collectively be the UK’s fourth largest trading partner. With trade estimated to be around 210 AED billion ($62 billion) a year, synergy between the UK and GCC also extends to a burgeoning interest in real estate; a growing appetite of Middle Eastern investors for global property markets is paving the way for ventures like Select Property, a prominent UK property developer and investment partner, to reinforce its role as one of the GCC’s most esteemed property developers.

In 2019, the collective economies of the GCC showcased their considerable strength with a combined GDP of AED 6 trillion ($1.6tn), propelling them to the global rank of 13th largest. This robust economic performance finds its pinnacle in Saudi Arabia, which is crowned as the GCC’s economic leader and boasts an impressive GDP surpassing AED 2.9 trillion  ($766bn). These formidable figures paint an enticing landscape for potential investors hailing from both Saudi Arabia and the broader GCC region.

Against the backdrop of such economic prowess, the prospect of venturing into the property market of the United Kingdom emerges as a compelling opportunity. With its established stability, strategic location, and promising potential for returns, the UK’s real estate market presents itself as a prime avenue for investors to diversify and expand their portfolios. In an effort to showcase the available real estate investment opportunities, Select Property will be present at Cityscape Saudi Arabia to help investors find their footing in the UK market.

The UK and the GCC stand to significantly strengthen their business ties. Forecasts point towards a notable 16% surge in trade, and this uptick is set to be further amplified by an increase in foreign investment. The efforts to dismantle tariff and non-tariff barriers accentuate the shared commitment to fostering economic integration and creating fertile ground for burgeoning growth opportunities.

The Bank of London and The Middle East, headquartered in London, predicts that Middle Eastern investors are set to infuse AED 11.7 billion ($3.2 billion) into the UK real estate market in 2024. This influx of investment is primarily motivated by the UK’s escalating affordability in the real estate sector, coupled with a growing interest in the dynamic student accommodation segment. This strategic move showcases a keen understanding of the market’s potential and a shrewd approach to capitalise on evolving trends and provides a strong opportunity for investors in Saudi Arabia to increase their investment in the United Kingdom real estate market. 

The robust nature of Saudi Arabia’s investment in the UK is evident through its annual contribution of over AED 304 billion ($69.36 billion) across industries. This consistent and substantial commitment signifies the enduring nature of the partnership and the confidence that Saudi investors have in the UK’s economic prospects to live as a favoured hub for investment opportunities.

Adam Price, CEO of Select Property commented: “The United Kingdom’s historic relationship with countries in the GCC is one of great value. Trade agreements and investment opportunities in real estate are just two of the ways in which the relationship is strengthened. Select Property is at the helm of property development in the United Kingdom, perfectly positioned to assist investors looking for real estate opportunities in the UK to ensure the highest returns on their investments as we have noticed in our Affinity Living and Prestige Collection brands.”

As the UK and GCC countries pave the way for enhanced economic collaboration, the investment prospects in the UK real estate sector are undeniably compelling. Investors in Saudi Arabia and across the GCC are presented with a unique opportunity to align their portfolios with the UK’s flourishing property market through Select Property’s expertise. The convergence of economic growth, strategic investments, and bilateral cooperation positions the UK as a destination of choice for discerning investors looking to diversify and capitalize on long-term gains.


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