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New Online Platform, SweetcHome, Streamlines Real Estate in Dubai

Innovative Online Platform
  • SweetcHome introduces a new online platform aimed at streamlining the real estate experience in Dubai, revolutionizing the way properties are searched, listed, and transacted in the emirate.

The launch of SweetcHome, a new real estate platform, promises to bring significant changes to Dubai’s property market. Designed to cater not only to tenants but also to landlords and real estate agents, SweetcHome aims to streamline the property management process and enhance income opportunities for business owners in the real estate sector.

Empowering Landlords and Agents

While SweetcHome is a tenant-focused site, it offers substantial benefits to landlords and real estate brokers. Landlords can enjoy privacy without the need to publicly list their properties, maintaining control while accessing a pool of qualified tenants.

“Once landlords register, our team collaborates closely with them to match the most suitable tenants for their properties, reducing the risks associated with quick turnovers,” explained Soufien Haddad, Co-Founder of SweetcHome. “This approach is facilitated by the platform’s 24/7 AI matchmaking technology, ensuring a smooth and efficient tenant placement process.”

For real estate agents, SweetcHome acts as a catalyst in Dubai’s competitive market. The platform offers a secure environment where agents can connect with an extensive database of leads, landlords, and other agents, significantly reducing marketing costs and boosting performance. According to Haddad, the platform allows agents to maximize their potential by tapping into a rich network, expanding their outreach without the substantial costs typically associated with marketing in real estate.

Targeting a Substantial Market

SweetcHome enters the market with ambitious goals, targeting a significant portion of Dubai’s real estate sector, which accounts for about 10 percent of the city’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Following a record high of 1.6 million transactions in 2023 as reported by the Dubai Land Department, the platform is poised to cater to a diverse range of market players, from individual renters and buyers to corporate entities looking to streamline their employee housing.

Future Plans and Expansion

Looking ahead, SweetcHome has plans to expand into the commercial real estate segment. Recognizing Dubai’s status as a thriving business hub, the platform aims to also assist businesses in finding ideal office spaces. “Dubai’s dynamic market and booming population present a great opportunity for growth in the commercial sector, and we are excited to eventually help businesses find perfect spaces that meet their needs,” stated the spokesperson.

With its innovative approach and strong backing, SweetcHome is set to become a key player in reshaping Dubai’s real estate landscape, making it easier and more profitable for all stakeholders involved.


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