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MIRA Developments and ELIE SAAB announce partnership for 3 exclusive real estate projects in the North Caucasus

Strategic Partnership
  • MIRA Developments and ELIE SAAB unveil a strategic partnership to collaborate on three exclusive real estate projects in the North Caucasus, marking a significant milestone in luxury property development in the region.

MIRA Developments and ELIE SAAB announce partnership for 3 exclusive real estate projects in the North Caucasus

Dubai-based Mira Developments has partnered with renowned fashion and lifestyle brand ELIE SAAB to build three branded residences in the North Caucasus region. The venture is poised to redefine luxury living, offering discerning homeowners an unmatched lifestyle experience and introducing the diverse local culture and traditions to an international clientele.

ELIE SAAB Residences Caucasus, an innovative real estate project, will seamlessly integrate three distinct locations across the North Caucasus region into a singular, unparalleled venture. Each location will be selected for its natural beauty and cultural significance, promising a harmonious blend of luxury, nature, and sophisticated design.

“Our partnership with MIRA developments marks another milestone in ELIE SAAB’s journey as we venture into new real estate territories. We are delighted to collaborate on this remarkable project, which not only highlights exquisitely crafted interiors furnished with pieces from the ELIE SAAB Maison collection but also provides exceptional amenities,” said Elie Jr, ELIE SAAB group CEO.

“As we expand our global presence, we are committed to creating spaces that celebrate the fusion of ELIE SAAB’s sophistication with the authentic spirit of every destination, offering discerning clientele an exclusive lifestyle experience that feels both indulgent and rooted in tradition.”

Set against the stunning backdrop of the Caspian Sea in Derbent, Dagestan, a waterfront living and luxurious sports retreat will offer a haven for enthusiasts with its athlete-ready infrastructure spanning ten thousand square meters, including indoor and outdoor gyms, courts, and Olympic swimming pools.

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MIRA Developments and ELIE SAAB announce partnership for 3 exclusive real estate projects in the North Caucasus 3

Further west, eco-conscious residences near Vladikavkaz, North Ossetia-Alania, set amidst breathtaking mountain views, will promise tranquillity and green living just moments away from the urban energy of a major city.

The Residences in Kabardino-Balkaria will offer a unique blend of nature and wellness facilities nestled between Nalchik’s nature reserves, thermal springs, and parks, showcasing sustainable luxury living in one of the greenest European climate zones.

Within a secure, gated community, each residence will be defined by its two towers and an array of world-class amenities. From the meticulously designed apartments furnished with ELIE SAAB Maison collection pieces, tailored for utmost comfort and sophistication, to the on-site restaurants and cafes offering culinary excellence, the residents will enjoy a lifestyle that’s both enriching and exclusive.

The inclusion of extensive co-working spaces, state-of-the-art SPAs and gyms ensures creativity and wellness are always within reach. As stated by Mira Developments CEO Tamara Getigezheva, “This kind of property concept where residents can enjoy luxurious amenities covering all their everyday needs is going to revolutionise the local market, and ELIE SAAB trademark quality and style will play a crucial part in it.”

Buying a property within the three ELIE SAAB Residences Caucasus grants the owner comprehensive access to amenities across all locations as they will become a valued member of an exclusive club. This includes complimentary spa and gym memberships, priority restaurant reservations, and complimentary one-way airport transfers. Regardless of the chosen location, clients embrace an entire region as their gracious home.


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