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MBRHE Achieves a Qualitative Leap in the Housing Sector

Story Highlights
  • Through Establishing 26 Strategic Government and Private Partnerships Worth Up to 11 million Dirhams in 2023

Press Release

(MBRHE), Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 19 January 2024: 

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment (MBRHE) announced a significant achievement for the year 2023, characterized by the formation of 26 strategic partnerships with a host of prestigious government and private entities, worth Up to 11 million Dirhams. This move confirms the Establishment’s leadership and reflects the evolution of the housing sector in Dubai. These partnerships also embody the Establishment’s commitment to enhancing the construction and development journey in the housing sector, offering full support to its service beneficiaries.

Moreover, these partnerships establish a solid foundation for providing advanced and innovative housing solutions that meet the aspirations of Dubai’s residents and keep pace with the continuous growth of the Emirate. The agreements represent an important milestone in the Establishment’s journey towards realizing its vision aimed at enhancing family and social stability by providing suitable and high-quality housing, as well as strengthening its partnership with the private sector. 

The roster of strategic partners in the private sector includes: Emirates Auction, aiSmart, AWTAD, AL SHAMSI, Gardens Market, SEDAR, Bab Toma – Aluminum & Glass Cont., Royal Ceramic, Rigid Industries, Global Innovation Institute, Dubai Charity Association, Pan Emirates Home Furnishings, Aafaq Islamic Finance, Lift Mart, Tarahum Charity Foundation, Homes R Us and Rochester Institute of Technology – Dubai.

The strategic partners from the governmental sector comprise: Emirates Islamic, Omnyat for People of Determination Rehabilitation Center, Community Development Authority, Ministry of Health & Prevention, World Disability Union, National Center of Meteorology, Dubai Club for People of Determination, and the General Pension & Social Security Authority,along with Masdar City.

Through these fruitful partnerships, the MBRHE aims to achieve its strategic objectives and reinforce its role as a foundational pillar in supporting the housing sector and stimulating sustainable development. These efforts are in line with national initiatives aimed at improving quality of life and enhancing happiness and well-being for citizens, underscoring the importance of collaboration across different sectors to achieve the developmental goals of the Emirate.

The MBRHE invites the public to take advantage of the services and benefits offered by these partnerships and expresses its gratitude for the trust and support received from its strategic partners, which serves as a testament to the quality and excellence the Establishment strives to achieve in all its projects and initiatives.

The Establishment hopes that these partnerships will have a tangible positive impact on the housing sector and serve as a strong impetus for continued work and innovation to achieve further progress and leadership in this vital sector.

These partnerships add to the main initiatives record of MBRHE. The establishment invites the public to visit its official website to learn more about its services and ongoing efforts to develop the housing sector in Dubai.

– Ends –

About Mohammed bin Rashid Housing Establishment (MBRHE):

The Mohammed bin Rashid Housing Establishment is a government institution aimed at providing housing solutions that meet the needs of Dubai residents. It offers a range of services, including housing, finance, supplementary engineering, consultancy, smart services, and employee services. The Establishment is committed to enhancing its smart services and ensuring a seamless user experience through innovation and excellence. The Mohammed bin Rashid Housing Establishment strives to provide a dignified life and stability for citizens by offering proactive and sustainable housing services, developing flexible policies, forging strategic partnerships, and optimizing resource use.

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