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Masraf Al Rayan launches tailored realty financing options for non-residents

Investment Potential
  • Discuss the investment potential inherent in Qatar's real estate market for non-resident investors, with Masraf Al Rayan's financing options unlocking opportunities for long-term capital growth and rental income.

Masraf Al Rayan launches tailored realty financing options for non-residents

Masraf Al Rayan (MAR) has launched a “specialised” real estate financing programme tailored for non-residents in a bid to stimulate international investment in Qatar’s realty market.

In this regard, Masraf Al Rayan hosted an introductory roadshow in the UK, in collaboration with United Development Company (UDC) and Al Rayan Bank UK; which provided a platform for investors to learn about the opportunities in the country’s real estate landscape.

Presentations were delivered by UDC, highlighting Qatar’s attractions, including Pearl and Gewan Island developments. Masraf Al Rayan provided insights into its specialised financing programme for non-residents, approved by regulatory authorities, demonstrating its commitment to facilitating international investment in Qatar.

“With the real estate market in Qatar poised for growth and opportunities, we are pleased to provide the international investors with financing solutions tailored specifically for this purpose and easily accessible,” said Rana al-Asaad, general manager (Retail and Private Banking), Masraf Al Rayan.

This innovative financing programme underscores the bank’s commitment to driving international investment and contributing to the growth of the Qatari economy, according to her.

Faisal Nasser al-Emadi, UDC executive director (Commercial), said the partnership will help expand its global reach through the collaboration with Masraf Al Rayan.

“Together, we aim to bolster Qatar’s real estate sector and attract international investors to UDC’s properties at The Pearl and Gewan islands,” he said.

The alliance with Masraf Al Rayan not only provides access to Shariah-compliant Islamic financing solutions and a discerning clientele, but also enables it to collectively showcase Qatar as a premier destination for property investment in the region, he added.

“Through this collaboration, we highlight the Islamic financing options available to non-residents and the residency benefits that come with investing in Qatar. With UDC’s diverse property portfolio, seamless community management, and commitment to sustainability, we are confident in attracting foreign investors to contribute to Qatar’s thriving real estate landscape,” he said.

The one-on-one meetings provided an exclusive opportunity for the participants to engage directly with the team, addressing specific questions and exploring potential investment opportunities in Qatar.


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