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‘Location sets the stage for luxury living’, says AHS Properties’ Abbas Sajwani

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  • Explore the significance of location in luxury real estate, as emphasized by Abbas Sajwani of AHS Properties, highlighting how the right setting can elevate the lifestyle experience and value of a property.

The 24-year-old founder and CEO of AHS Properties (AHS) believes location isn’t just a factor – it’s the cornerstone of unparalleled living experiences. “The right locale sets the stage for every aspect of luxury living, from breathtaking views and proximity to cultural landmarks to unfettered access to world-class amenities and privacy.

“In the world of luxury real estate, it’s not just about where you live – it’s about living and enjoying spaces that epitomise sophistication, elegance and refinement. And it all begins with choosing the perfect location.”

AHS Properties, under Sajwani’s direction, has garnered significant attention for its innovative approach to luxury living in Dubai, and for the amazing locales in which AHS is developing its first-of-its-kind residential projects.

“Our projects have significantly elevated Dubai’s position in the global ultra-luxury market, attracting not just investors, but also end-users seeking to establish their lives in the emirate,” says Sajwani, who launched the AHS Properties in 2021.

A milestone journey

Two years on, AHS has witnessed amazing growth, seeing its gross development value rise to $1.65bn – a remarkable achievement for both the young company and its young leader.

Sajwani says, “Dubai’s ultra-luxury market operates in a distinct realm, governed by its own set of rules and unique characteristics. I initially observed a gap between the limited supply of ultra-luxury properties and the burgeoning demand for them. This observation inspired the creation of AHS Properties.”

Starting off, the company renovated five villas in Palm Jumeirah and Emirates Hills, each meticulously furnished with the finest interiors and elements. “Both these prime areas are distinguished by their breathtaking views and expansive spaces, making them ideal for crafting ultra-luxurious projects,” explains Sajwani. “They possess a unique character that perfectly complements the exceptional living experiences we strive to create at AHS.”

These properties, Sajwani adds, were not only sold for $75m but also delivered on time, setting the stage for future success.While these established areas hold undeniable appeal, AHS recognised the diverse preferences of its clientele, looking at areas such as the Dubai Water Canal. “Despite limited land availability in these regions, Dubai offers numerous exceptional locations with captivating features that can be transformed into luxurious living spaces,” says Sajwani, explaining why the company chose the area along the canal as the location for One Canal.

Unveiled in 2022, this project marked AHS’ foray into the development of ultra-luxury residential projects. This development features one of the most expensive penthouses in Dubai, spanning over 30,000 square feet, which was sold for a staggering $50m to the family office of a European billionaire.

“With a gross development value of $450m, the project witnessed rapid sales, selling out completely and paving the way for our second project, One Crescent, which was unveiled in 2023,” shares Sajwani. Units in this low-rise residential building located on the Palm Jumeirah also sold out soon after its launch.

Exceeding expectations

“These remarkable sales stand as a testament to the high demand for ultra-luxurious real estate and our clients’ unwavering confidence in our approach to luxury living,” says the CEO.

The approach that Sajwani is referring to focuses on providing clients privacy, exclusivity, luxury and modernity. “AHS projects meticulously cater to these precise needs, while making our

clients feel like they are equally involved in designing their homes,” he says.

Sajwani is known for his involvement in every project to meet that end. “I closely follow the entire process. It’s one of the most enjoyable phases of work for me. It’s all about creativity, innovation, and thinking outside the box. Each project at AHS represents a significant effort, involving extensive thought and a dedicated team. We all strive for one common goal – to create a lifestyle like no other. This is also the key to our success.”

A passion project: Unveiling Casa Canal

The latest and most iconic project from AHS is the much-awaited Casa Canal. Situated along the scenic Dubai Water Canal, this project has already significantly impacted the market. On its launch day alone, an impressive 75 per cent of the project was sold out, culminating in a remarkable Dhs2.2bn in sales.

The project is a labour of love for the young entrepreneur.

“We’ve thought of everything that our discerning clients would want in their homes, from contemporary designs to ultra-luxe interiors and bespoke services. Casa Canal will offer a lifestyle beyond compare, with a collection of exclusive boutique residences comprising three-bedroom penthouses, four-to-five-bedroom sky villas, six-bedroom sky mansions and three sky palaces, with prices starting at Dhs22m,” he explains.

Each residence features private elevators, opening into opulent spaces with ceiling heights that range from over four to nine metres.

Residents can also enjoy exclusive amenities such as a cigar lounge, fine dining options, a spa, wellness facilities, a screening room, a 24-hour concierge service, and dedicated chauffeur services.

Delivery of the units is expected to start in Q1 2026.

AHS Properties is focused on strategic collaborations

Sajwani says Casa Canal promises to be a game-changer in the luxury real estate market, underscoring the value of having the right partners to develop these ultra-luxury residences.

“At AHS Properties, our commitment to delivering the ultimate in design, service, and living experiences has driven us to forge strategic alliances with the most respected names in the industry,” he says.

A prime example of this collaborative approach is the partnership with the renowned brand Fendi Casa. Their expertise in interior design has seamlessly been woven into the fabric of AHS’ projects, contributing significantly to their success.

“We have meticulously crafted every architectural detail to ensure our projects radiate care and sophistication, providing residents with a feeling of being enveloped in a truly special and unique environment,” explains Sajwani. “For this, we turned to the visionary architect Shaun Killa, the creative genius behind Dubai’s artistic masterpiece, the Museum of the Future. His dedication to modern, elegant designs inspired by the locale has added a touch of unmatched luxury to our projects.”

Shaun Killa Associates has teamed up with AHS on all three of its projects. Another key international partner that has worked with AHS on One Canal and Casa Canal is the globally renowned interior design firm Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA).

HBA Residential, which is known for creating distinctive and sophisticated “environments” for premium residences, has contributed its expertise to realising Sajwani’s vision of the penultimate ultra-luxury homes.

“These strategic partnerships with industry leaders not only elevate the significance of our ventures but also position them uniquely, particularly in the competitive world of ultra-luxury real estate. By bringing together the expertise of such distinguished collaborators, we continue to set new standards and redefine the benchmarks for exceptional living experiences,” he adds.

Business beyond real estate

Sajwani’s adept use of collaborations isn’t a stroke of luck, it’s the culmination of years spent learning from the best in the business – his father, Hussain Sajwani, the founder and chairman of DAMAC Group.

“My father has always been my idol, and my time working alongside him at DAMAC was an invaluable learning experience. Everything I learned about real estate; I’ve got from him. I feel privileged to have gleaned so much from him, and the learning continues. Witnessing his leadership firsthand taught me that true leadership goes beyond titles.

“It’s about effectively managing and solving problems, fostering a positive team environment, and maintaining a fresh perspective to navigate the future. Through countless experiences with him, I learned that these qualities are the  foundation of genuine leadership.”

Sajwani is not intimidated by his father’s success, and like his siblings Ali and Amira, has forged his path in the ever-evolving world of business and luxury real estate.

For those who aren’t familiar, Sajwani started the AHS Group in 2017, at the age of 17. In 2018, he set up AHS Ventures, followed by AHS Investments in 2020. The firm’s current portfolio is valued at over Dhs50m. The opening of the real estate division a year later was a natural progression for the entrepreneur.

Its success is not surprising given the time Sajwani has dedicated to understanding the market and leveraging his early start in business.

“In the real estate market, every day brings something new and presents a new challenge, especially in a city like Dubai. Here, the seemingly impossible becomes achievable, demanding constant commitment to excellence and uniqueness. For me, success lies in paying attention to details, working closely, and overseeing the execution of tasks. You can truly witness the fruits of your work in the satisfaction of your clients, and that’s what I always aspire to achieve,” says Sajwani.

Facing challenges along the way

Challenges are part of running a business, believes Sajwani, who says these have all been learning experiences in his journey.

The Covid-19 pandemic presented a unique challenge, forcing the company to re-evaluate its business fundamentals and adapt to unforeseen circumstances. “It served as a valuable learning experience, highlighting the UAE’s economic resilience and Dubai’s unwavering stability in the face of global turmoil.”

However, the CEO of AHS Properties believes that the true challenge lies in consistently exceeding expectations. This involves breaking away from conventional approaches and maintaining uncompromising standards.

This outlook, complemented by his quiet determination and future-forward vision, has won Sajwani many admirers, particularly among the Emirati youth. His advice to them reflects his values: hard work, resilience and a positive mindset.

“The most important step is to gain clarity on your goals and aspirations. Embrace a positive mindset, even in the face of challenges, and remember that you reside in a country that actively supports and encourages its youth to excel. Never lose sight of your self-belief and maintain a positive outlook as you pursue your dreams.”

Sajwani, who is living his dream with total conviction, is committed to making AHS Properties a force to reckon with in Dubai’s luxury real estate sector.

“Over time, our projects have significantly elevated Dubai’s position in the global ultra-luxury market, attracting not just investors but also end-users seeking to establish their lives in Dubai. While significant progress has been made, the demand for these properties continues to outpace supply.

“The unique nature of this market demands not just construction expertise but also substantial innovation, meticulous attention to detail, and a deep understanding of discerning client preferences. Looking ahead to 2024, we are constantly exploring new possibilities and remain open to venturing into locations with the potential to deliver unparalleled living experiences.”

Leadership Lessons with Abbas Sajwani – CEO of AHS Properties

What leadership means to you: Leadership is about empowering my team, and I place immense trust in their expertise. I give them the autonomy they deserve and equip them with the necessary resources. However, beyond mere management, I strive to cultivate an environment where every idea is cherished, and every voice heard.

Advice you value: My father, Hussain Sajwani, chairman and founder of DAMAC Group, instilled in me the significance of tenacity and resilience. He has always said: “Challenges should be seen not as roadblocks, but as stepping stones.”

He also believes that in both business and personal life, the relationships you forge and how you nurture them shape your legacy.

He also taught me that innovation, more than just embracing technology, is about constantly evolving your mindset. True leadership lies in continuous learning, and I’m fortunate to have had my father as my foremost mentor and guide.

Young entrepreneurs should know that success doesn’t materialise overnight, so get started now. Aspiring entrepreneurs must harness patience and maintain a long-term perspective. Staying committed to your vision, especially during challenging times, is imperative.

Factors that inspire you: I am deeply inspired by our company’s vision and the transformative impact we aim to achieve in the industry in the immediate future; every project we undertake is a chance to shape the future. The feedback and insights from our clients, partners, and team fuel my drive.

Their trust and the challenges they bring forth consistently push me to set higher standards.

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