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Living amongst the clouds: unveiling Tiger Sky Tower, Dubai’s latest architectural marvel with rainforest and sky dining

Living amongst the clouds: unveiling Tiger Sky Tower, Dubai’s latest architectural marvel with rainforest and sky dining

Dubai is perhaps the only city in the world with so many superlatives to its name. It’s also the only city that loves setting new benchmarks and breaking records. Holding over 425 Guinness World Records –more than any country in the region, there’s more to Dubai than meets the eye.

Apart from some of the most luxurious facilities available to residents and tourists, Dubai is evolving into a hub for innovation, hospitality, sustainability, ICTs, and almost everything. This success, however, did not happen overnight, and the city owes it to companies that are committed to delivering excellence.

Tiger Group is one of the leading conglomerates of the UAE that has contributed significantly to making Dubai what it is today. Starting as a contractor, the group has evolved into 40 companies spanning various industries like education, real estate, hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare, and more.
The real estate arm of the group, Tiger Properties, has been busy providing a luxurious experience to its customers while changing the city skyline.

Several landmark projects of Tiger Properties are synonymous with excellence and luxury in Dubai, including the Altai Tower in the Jumeirah Village Triangle, the 28-story Al Manara Tower, the 29-story Al Jawhara Tower, and the Cloud Tower, among others.
Tiger Properties, after developing 270 projects, is gearing up to add a few more superlatives to the city with its upcoming project, Tiger Sky Tower.

Tiger Sky Tower
A state-of-the-art multipurpose skyscraper, Tiger Sky Tower is already eyeing to secure five world records, including the highest rainforest in a residential building, the highest penthouse in the world at 427 meters, the highest roller coaster adventure that will go through the rainforest, and the highest infinity pool in the world.
Tiger Sky Tower is a 532-meter engineering marvel nestled in the heart of Business Bay. It redefines the luxury lifestyle with its wide range of amenities and breathtaking views. You can take a dip in the world’s highest infinity pool, perched at a dizzying 431 meters!

Even higher, at 447 meters, lies another unique feature and perhaps a popular tourist attraction of the future: the world’s highest residential rainforest. People can escape into a verdant sanctuary with towering trees and cascading waterfalls, offering calm and serenity amidst the bustling city.
For the thrill-seeker, the tower gives you an opportunity to go on an adrenaline-pumping adventure – a rollercoaster ride – through the rainforest, providing unmatched excitement and panoramic views. Locals, as well as tourists who prefer to indulge in a feast for the senses, can dine at the Sky Restaurant, which is also at a height of 439 meters. While savoring exquisite meals, people can enjoy breathtaking vistas of the Burj Khalifa and the dazzling downtown.

The CEO of Tiger Properties, Eng. Amer Waleed AlZoubi, while talking about the project, said, “We are building something more than another skyscraper. We are building a sustainable future with luxury at its core, helping our patrons experience excellence while changing the skyline of Dubai further. Tiger Sky Tower is an extension of our commitment to maintain Tiger Group as the ‘pioneer developer of choice’ in the UAE and Gulf region.”

The $1 billion project by Tiger Properties is already underway and is set to be handed over in 2029. The project is being executed with utmost care and precision, with every detail being meticulously crafted to ensure nothing short of perfection. The team is committed to surpassing all expectations and delivering an exceptional outcome that will leave a lasting impression.


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