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IPS 2024 day 2: Insightful sessions illuminate future trends in real estate industry

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  • Day 2 opened with visitors flocking to the exhibition, and attend the fireside chats and panel sessions at the main IPS Conference Stage

IPS 2024 day 2: Insightful sessions illuminate future trends in real estate industry

Dubai, UAE: Organized with the support of the Dubai Land Department and Emirates Real Estate Solutions, the International Property Show (IPS) 2024 entered day 2, carrying the energy from day 1 forward for all visitors and exhibitors, at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Day 2 opened with visitors flocking to the exhibition, and attend the fireside chats and panel sessions at the main IPS Conference Stage. For workshops and MOUs, the IPS Activities Stage was full with excited attendees.

IPS Conference Stage Highlights

On day 2 of the International Property Show (IPS) 2024 Conference Stage, attendees were treated to an engaging session titled “Influencer Spotlight: The Booming of Dubai Real Estate Market,” featuring esteemed speaker Tahir Majithia, known as ‘The Property Alchemist’ and Managing Partner of Prime Capital Dubai. Majithia provided valuable insights and analysis into the rapid growth and development of the Dubai real estate market, offering attendees unique perspectives on investment opportunities and emerging trends within the industry.

A dynamic panel discussion titled “Digitalizing Real Estate: The Future of Investment in Property Technology,” moderated by Silvia Eldawi, Founder of PROPOLOGI. The panel brought together industry experts including Dr. Nour El Deen El Serougy, CEO of HRE Properties Egypt; Youcef Betraoui, Board Member of Belsons Technologies and Chairman & Founder of Land Sterling; Fateh Al-Msaddi, COO of fäm Properties; Dr. Karndee Leopairote, Chief Foresight and Digital Assets Officer at FutureTales Lab, MQDC; and Emanuel Erdem, Co-CEO & Co-Founder of Virtuelle. The discussion delved into the transformative impact of technology on real estate investment, offering invaluable insights into emerging trends and innovative strategies shaping the future of the industry.

The Conference Stage then featured an enlightening Fireside Chat titled “The Investments of the Family Offices in the Real Estate Sector,” moderated by Jan Leube, Executive Creative Director at FP7 McCan. The discussion brought together esteemed panelists including Dr. Adil Al Zarooni, CEO of Al Zarooni Emirates Investments; Katja Muelheim, Founding Partner of Prestel & Partner; and Alex Zagrebelny, Chairman and CEO of R.Evolution. Delving into the strategies and perspectives of family offices in real estate investments, the chat provided attendees with valuable insights and expertise on navigating this sector.

Day 2 of the International Property Show (IPS) 2024 Conference Stage hosted an insightful Fireside Chat titled “Clim-Tech & Green-Tech for Sustainability in the Real Estate Sector: Investing in New Technology.” Moderated by Maria Flouda, Founder and Managing Consultant at Sustainability Switch Consultancy, the discussion delved into the integration of climate and green technology for sustainability in real estate. Esteemed panelists included Graça Ermida, Managing Partner of Fearless Alphabet Real Estate Investments & Consultancy; Abdulla Al-Wahedi, CEO of Irtikaz Property Management – IPM; and Ibrahim Moursy, Senior Director of Business Development, Strategy & Portfolio Management at Etisalat Facilities Management. The chat explored innovative approaches to incorporating new technologies into real estate practices to promote environmental sustainability and enhance efficiency.

The attendees were then treated to an informative presentation focused on “Real Estate Investment in Pakistan” by Imran Naqvi, the Executive Director of Joint Venture at the Defence Housing Authority of Pakistan (DHA). Naqvi shed light on the lucrative opportunities and promising prospects for real estate investment within Pakistan, particularly emphasizing the initiatives and developments undertaken by DHA. His insights provided attendees with valuable knowledge and insights into the evolving landscape of real estate investment in Pakistan, highlighting the potential for growth and success in this market.Top of Form

After the presentation, a panel discussion titled “Empowered Leadership: Women Redefining Real Estate Success” took place. Led by moderator Silvia Eldawi, Founder of PROPOLOGI, the panel brought together accomplished women leaders from the real estate sector to share their experiences and insights. Panelists included Lynnette Sacchetto, Founder of DXB Advisors; Fibha Ahmed, Director of Sales at Bayut; Dounia Fadi, Managing Director of eXp Dubai; Farah-Ann Al-Derzi, Chief Executive Officer of Baytukum; and Fayza Al Zarouni, CEO of Infinite Dimensions Property Advisory. Their discussion highlighted the vital role of women in shaping the future of real estate, showcasing their leadership, innovation, and resilience in driving success within the industry.

A captivating Fireside Chat titled “Prop-Tech Big Data: Data Analytics and the Reshaping of the Real Estate Sector” took center stage in the afternoon. Ashish Guglani, Sales Director at REIDIN – Data Analytics, skillfully moderated the discussion, delving into the transformative power of data analytics in the real estate sector. Joining the conversation were esteemed panelists Lynnette Sacchetto, Founder of DXB Advisors, and Zhann Jochinke, Chief Operating Officer of Property Monitor. Together, they explored the profound impact of data-driven insights on industry practices, highlighting how Prop-Tech and big data are revolutionizing decision-making processes and reshaping the future of real estate.

Next up, a panel discussion titled “Real Estate Investment in Spain” led by moderator Abdul Majid Awan, a Seasoned Journalist and Content Expert at the International Property Show took place. The session provided valuable insights into investment opportunities in Spain’s real estate market. Speakers included David Moya, CEO of Properties in Spain; Alex Radford, Founding Partner of My Lawyer in Spain; Isabel Castilla Rodríguez, Brand Ambassador at Benrock Capital; and Baraa Alrefai, Co-Founder of IMaker-Group. Together, they shared expertise on market trends, legal considerations, and strategic approaches for successful real estate investments in Spain, offering attendees comprehensive guidance and knowledge for navigating this vibrant market.

The IPS Conference Stage continued its engaging lineup with a series of thought-provoking sessions. Following the IPS 2024 Talks on “Architectural Hologram: Visualization of Real Estate in the Format of a Hologram without VR Glasses,” attendees delved into two Fireside Chats titled “Navigating the Financial Landscape: Strategies and Trends in Commercial Real Estate Finance” and “Urban Evolution: Exploring the Future City Experience.” Subsequently, the stage hosted another IPS 2024 Talk on “Next-Gen Real Estate: Harnessing Generative AI for Immersive AR and VR Experiences.” These sessions provided attendees with diverse perspectives and insights into the future of real estate, ranging from innovative visualization techniques to cutting-edge technologies and financial strategies reshaping the industry.

IPS Activities Stage

On the IPS Activities Stage on day 2, attendees participated in an enriching workshop titled “How People Made Millions in Dubai Real Estate” organized by IEREI (Innovation Experts Real Estate Institute). Led by workshop leader Akhmed Idigov, CEO of IDIGOV Real Estate and Instructor & Trainer at IEREI, participants gained valuable insights into successful strategies and experiences in Dubai’s real estate market. Idigov’s expertise provided attendees with actionable knowledge and practical advice to navigate and capitalize on opportunities in this dynamic industry.

At the IPS Activities Stage, attendees also engaged in a specialized workshop titled “Real Estate Corporate Tax” facilitated by IEREI (Innovation Experts Real Estate Institute). Dr. Peter Wilson, Group Manager of Process Excellence at WNS GLOBAL SERVICES UK and an Instructor & Trainer at IEREI, led the session. Participants delved into the complexities of corporate tax within the real estate sector, gaining valuable insights and practical knowledge to optimize tax strategies and enhance financial performance. Dr. Wilson’s expertise provided attendees with comprehensive guidance to navigate the intricacies of real estate taxation effectively.

Attendees also participated in an insightful workshop titled “Building Trust in the Real Estate Market using Data and Artificial Intelligence” conducted by DigitMe. Leading the workshop was Fouad Bekkar, Group Vice President of Data and AI at Property Finder. Throughout the session, participants explored innovative strategies leveraging data and artificial intelligence to foster trust and transparency in the real estate industry. Bekkar’s expertise provided attendees with valuable insights into harnessing technology to enhance decision-making processes and improve overall market credibility.

Apart from that, Defence Housing Authority of Pakistan signed multiple MOUs with other entities, to increase collaboration and partnership within the real estate industry.

The highlight of the IPS Activities Stage was the IPS Startup Pitch Competition, featuring five innovative ‘PropTech’ startups. These entrepreneurs showcased their groundbreaking ideas aimed at revolutionizing the real estate sector. Results of the competition are eagerly anticipated and will be announced on day 3 of IPS 2024.


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