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Gllit launches Dubai’s first commission-free real estate platform

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  • Discuss how Gllit empowers property owners by enabling them to list their properties for sale or rent without incurring costly commission fees, giving them greater control over their transactions and financial outcomes.

Gllit.com directly connects homebuyers, tenants with sellers, landlords for best deals

Dubai’s proptech scene sees a new entrant with the launch of Gllit, a startup offering Dubai’s inaugural commission-free real estate transaction platform. The service connects buyers, sellers, and renters directly, aiming to streamline property transactions and remove traditional commission fees, the company said.

In a market often burdened by add-on costs and hidden fees, Gllit’s model facilitates a more cost-effective and transparent process for all stakeholders. The platform empowers buyers and renters to communicate directly with property owners, fostering a more transparent transaction and potentially more favourable terms.

According to the promoters, Gllit’s suite of services for homebuyers and tenants encompasses mortgage, legal, insurance, and property consultancy, along with an intelligent search algorithm to aid users in finding properties that align with their preferences. Additionally, the platform provides complimentary tools, including calculators for savings and mortgages, schedulers for viewings and virtual tours, chat, and a virtual helpdesk and resource centre for documentation and paperwork requirements. Gllit facilitates direct interaction with property owners and landlords, leading to a more transparent and personalised property search experience, and ultimately better deals.

Property sellers and landlords also benefit from significant cost savings, with no commission or listing fees required to register or add properties to the site, said a press release. Listing properties on Gllit is fast and easy, taking only an average of five minutes using a dedicated user-friendly dashboard. Emphasizing homeowner privacy, Gllit ensures that contact details are only divulged at the homeowner’s discretion.

Gllit is not only enhancing its platform with new features but is also actively seeking partnerships with leading developers and property management firms to secure exclusive listings in Dubai’s prime locations.

The company’s approach and services suggest a shift towards more efficient and user-centric real estate dealings in the UAE.


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