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Binghatti announces world’s first Mercedes-Benz branded luxury residence in Dubai

Binghatti announces world’s first Mercedes-Benz branded luxury residence in Dubai

Binghatti Properties, one of Dubai’s largest real estate development companies, and luxury automotive company Mercedes-Benz have announced a groundbreaking project — Mercedes-Benz Places | Binghatti. Brought together by a shared passion for iconic design and innovation, this partnership merges the world of real estate and automotive excellence to set new standards in luxury design and living.

The new real estate icon will be built in the heart of Dubai’s Downtown, surrounded by some of Dubai’s most eminent landmarks, including the Dubai Mall, and with unobstructed views of the Burj Khalifa. Rising to a towering height of 341 meters and 65 stories, Mercedes-Benz Places in Dubai stands as an architectural masterpiece that redefines the skyline of Downtown.

Muhammad BinGhatti, CEO of Binghatti, said: “We are profoundly excited to be working alongside Mercedes-Benz — a truly iconic name — to develop the first Mercedes-Benz branded luxury residence in the world. Mercedes-Benz Places in Dubai is not merely a real estate development; it will also place community and mobility at its core, setting a new benchmark for intelligent living.”

Binghatti and Mercedes-Benz have been defining the details on this project for over a year. During this time, the main focus has been on creating a customer-centered approach that places the needs of future residents at the forefront of the experience. The Mercedes-Benz design philosophy revolving around “Sensual Purity” is a driving force behind the project’s architecture, creating timeless and beautiful spaces in an oasis of serenity and purity. By combining smart home technologies with intelligent mobility solutions, Mercedes-Benz Places Dubai aims to redefine comfort and convenience in a modern living space.

Britta Seeger, member of the board of management, Mercedes-Benz Group AG, marketing and sales, said: “With Mercedes-Benz Places in Dubai, we are going beyond automotive to create outstanding brand moments. With their many years of experience in real estate development, Binghatti is the ideal partner for us. Our aim with our first branded, real estate residential tower is to create new, desirable grounds that inherit our brand’s DNA and give our customers a place to arrive, unwind and come home to.”

As Binghatti and Mercedes-Benz partner on the automotive brand’s first real estate branded project, Mercedes-Benz Places in Dubai emerges as a symbol of excellence, innovation, and a timeless presence of luxury living. The collaboration will commence with a launch event in Dubai on Jan. 24, where further details about the project will be announced.


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