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Bayanat and IMKAN Properties in agreement to develop world’s first healthy living island

Innovative Concept:
  • The project focuses on creating an environment that promotes physical and mental well-being for its residents.

Bayanat and IMKAN Properties in agreement to develop world’s first healthy living island

Bayanat signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with IMKAN Properties for the development of mobility infrastructure project. It will feature an integrated and AI-enabled transportation ecosystem that allows for fully autonomous driving on the world’s first healthy living island.

Located in AlJurf, the health- and wellness focused island, which will also be home to the SHA Wellness Clinic, aims to be highly autonomous with minimal reliance on manned vehicles. While IMKAN Properties will be developing the project’s physical infrastructure, Bayanat will provide the critical digital infrastructure for the operation of autonomous vehicles and unmanned systems, such as HD maps and HD positioning. In addition to deploying its Smart Mobility Solutions (SMOS) in the form of its digital twin solutions, which makes vehicle autonomy on the island possible.

Bayanat’s technology will play a pivotal role in supporting IMKAN Properties’ vision for SHA Island by providing an advanced virtual replica of the island’s entire infrastructure. Bayanat’s digital twin will facilitate predictive maintenance, optimise traffic flow, and enhance the safety and reliability of autonomous vehicles. This integration will not only support the creation of a sustainable and autonomous transport network but also aligns with the island’s commitment to health and wellness by promoting an autonomous vehicle environment.

The MOU agreement was signed by Abdulla Al Shamsi, Chief Operating Officer of Bayanat and Suwadain AlDhaheri, CEO at IMKAN Properties at the Bayanat offices in the presence of IMKAN’s Executive Management Team.

Abdulla Al Shamsi, COO Bayanat, commented: “Bayanat has long been a pioneer of autonomous driving and unmanned systems in the Middle East, with a proven track record of technological capability and know-how including Autonomous Solutions, Cloud Infrastructure, Digital Twins, Charging Infrastructure, Transportation Super Apps, and Testing and Simulation. We are excited about this joint project with IMKAN Properties, which will combine our expertise to create a unique concept globally – a healthy-living island featuring autonomous vehicles. We’re confident that this partnership will revolutionise the way we live, work and thrive in our communities.”

Speaking about Bayanat’s contribution to creating a healthy environment on the island, Abdulla Al Shamsi added: “We believe that the island’s transport infrastructure will play an integral role in enabling this objective. Our long-standing expertise in developing smart mobility solutions, which includes EV infrastructure, will allow us to create a quiet, clean and reliable transportation infrastructure on the island.”

“Our commitment to sustainable development aligns seamlessly with IMKAN Properties’ strategy of crafting destinations that prioritise environmental stewardship and holistic well-being. Together, we are poised to transform this island into a symbol of sustainable living, where cutting-edge technology and eco-conscious design converge to create a thriving community for generations to come,” concluded Al Shamsi.

The joint development is not Bayanat’s first autonomous driving project. In partnership with Abu Dhabi Mobility and the Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT), Bayanat launched the TXAI pilot in 2021. The project is the MENA region’s first Level 4-enabled autonomous ride-hailing service. Since the launch, the autonomous transportation fleet – encompassing Robo Taxis, Minibuses, and ART – has travelled over 500,000kms and completed almost 16,000 rides.

Suwaidan AlDhaheri CEO at IMKAN Properties, said: “We’re excited to join forces with Bayanat, aligning with our commitment as a real estate developer to deliver unparalleled experiences for our residents and customers. This collaboration enables us to spearhead a groundbreaking project, placing utmost emphasis on health, wellbeing, sustainability, and convenience. Partnering with Bayanat seamlessly integrates state-of-the-art technology with our physical infrastructure, essential for bringing this visionary project to life.”

Beyond the joint infrastructure, the two partners will also closely collaborate on data privacy and sustainability efforts, as well as the design and implementation of necessary infrastructure modifications to support autonomous vehicle operations, encompassing areas such as charging stations, docking facilities, and communication networks, with provisions for concierge services, a key priority for IMKAN Properties residents.


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