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ANAX Developments Begins Its Global Journey in Investing In Luxury Real Estate from Dubai

ANAX Developments raises the bar with pioneering luxury, community-centric living concepts in the local and global real estate development landscape

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  • ANAX Developments raises the bar with pioneering luxury, community-centric living concepts in the local and global real estate development landscape

ANAX Developments Begins Its Global Journey in Investing In Luxury Real Estate from Dubai

Dubai, UAE – January 09, 2024 – ANAX Developments, a subsidiary of ANAX Holding, aims to reshape the real estate luxury market with groundbreaking innovation fostering community-centric living in the UAE and beyond.  

The company’s first project, VENTO Tower – expected to be completed in Q3, 2025, strategically aligns with the brand’s master plan to transform an exemplary vision into a tangible reality within the highly competitive real estate landscape regionally and globally. The Tower will be comprised of 225 luxury residences – fully furnished and equipped offering studios, one, two, and three-bedroom apartments. Specializing in the development, management, and investment of properties across luxury residential, commercial, and mixed-use sectors, ANAX Developments boasts a robust portfolio of future luxury ventures taking pride in crafting spaces that elevate the urban landscape and reinforce vibrant communities and sustainable environments.

By leveraging a deep understanding of the local cultures and emerging global market trends, ANAX Developments will cater to a discerning audience seeking sound real estate investment opportunities.

Mr. Satish Sanpal, Chairman of ANAX Holding, highlighted the company’s strategic vision, stating, “ANAX Developments aim to set new standards in the luxury real estate landscape, especially for investors looking for desirable offerings with substantial ROI and economic feasibility. Our strategy focuses on cultural nuances, evolving market trends, and international best practices within the UAE and beyond, ensuring our developments stand out as prime investments in the prestigious real estate sector.”

ANAX Developments is poised to introduce pioneering projects that redefine luxury living witheach project embodying a combination of innovative design, unique amenities; and a commitment to sustainable development practices, with a strong focus on fostering deeper connections with one’s community.

The company is set to launch its first luxury real estate venture, VENTO Tower, a landmark property for luxury living in the heart of Business Bay, Dubai in Q1, 2024.


ANAX Holding:

ANAX Holding is a leading investment firm that specializes in managing a diverse portfolio of strategic businesses across multiple industries such as real estate, technology and hospitality. With a strong focus on delivering sustainable and long-term value, ANAX Holding aims to create exceptional investment opportunities and drive positive impact in the markets it operates in. 

Through our diversified portfolio of investments, ANAX Holding actively engages in the development and management of companies that align with our core values of innovation, integrity and social responsibility. We believe in making a positive difference in the communities we operate in by supporting initiatives that promote economic growth, philanthropy and social well-being.

Born from a desire to drive growth and innovation, ANAX Holding is led by Chairman Mr. Satish Sanpal, and is currently comprised of ANAX Developments, ANAX Media, and ANAX Hospitality.

ANAX Developments:

Anchored in a strategic investment approach, ANAX Developments is a dynamic and highly innovative real estate and development company with a strong commitment to revolutionizing urban living. The company aims to design spaces that go beyond the conventional with top-notch modern, innovative design; our homes are not just places to live but sanctuaries of comfort and inspiration. With a focus on excellence, community, and sustainability, we aspire to enhance lives, foster deeper connections to places and people, and make a lasting impact on the destinations we call home.

With excellence and innovation at the heart of what we do, we strive to redefine the future of real estate, setting unprecedented standards for contemporary living. Our commitment to delivering groundbreaking living solutions, implementing sustainable practices, ensuring highest quality standards, and fostering a strong sense of community are the core values that make us distinct. Expanding into Dubai and beyond, our vision is to craft lasting legacies, embodying the perfect fusion of luxury, convenience, and a strong sense of belonging wherever we operate.

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