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Almal Investments is redefining upscale real estate with its magnificent projects in Dubai and RAK

Introduction to Almal Investments
  • Explore the origins and vision of Almal Investments, a pioneering force in the real estate industry known for its commitment to excellence.

Almal Investments is redefining upscale real estate with its magnificent projects in Dubai and RAK

  • Last month, the firm received the ‘Private Villa Project of the Year’ award from The Pillars of Real Estate Awards 2024, recognising its exceptional contribution to the industry 

Dubai, UAE: Almal Investments, a Dubai-based investment and development company focusing on hospitality and residential projects, is continuing to play a pivotal role in elevating the real estate landscape in the UAE. Backed by substantial international experience, the company is further expanding its business in the UAE and has already developed a bustling portfolio including two spectacular projects in Dubai’s La Mer Island and Ras Al Khaimah’s Al Marjan Island, setting a new benchmark for excellence in the region. 

Founded in 2022, the company aims to deliver upscale properties for the world’s most discerning residents, focusing on creating long-term value that also provides exceptional returns for investors. The company’s main projects are a luxury hotel and residence development on Al Marjan Island in Ras Al Khaimah, and Harrisoni La Mer Villas in Dubai, two ultra-luxury villas for which the company won the ‘Private Villa Project of the Year’ award from The Pillars of Real Estate Awards 2024 in February.  

Expanding across the UAE, Almal Investments’ upcoming luxury hotel in Ras Al Khaimah’s Al Marjan Island is just as refined and luxurious. The company has entered into a strategic partnership with Al Marjan Island and already committed to investing $150 million to develop the property and has also chosen a globally renowned hotel operator to run the property. 

Blending opulence with functionality through a seamless fusion of Miami-style architecture and traditional Arabic influences, the Harrisoni La Mer Villas epitomize sophisticated living in Dubai. Nestled in an exclusive community, these villas provide a tranquil haven amidst the vibrant city, offering a perfect balance of beachside serenity and urban lifestyle. With stunning views of the Arabian Gulf and cityscape, along with flagship amenities, sustainable features, and cutting-edge smart home technologies, these villas are designed to excel in every aspect. 

Mohammad Khader, Head of Developments at Almal Investments commented “Positioned strategically within the prime locations, our properties have been carefully designed to meet the evolving demands of the region’s most discerning residents. We follow a unique strategic approach with every project, always leveraging market data and studies to ensure that we deliver exceptional value for all stakeholders, contribute positively to the growth of the local economy, and align with the UAE’s vision to enhance its tourism and hospitality sector.” 

With a heavy focus on high-end properties in the UAE, the company is committed to creating living spaces and leisure destinations that feature unmatched elegance and superior long-term value. By adding an innovative touch and utilizing its international expertise, Almal Investments aims to elevate industry standards in every aspect, incorporating renowned luxury brands, and sustainable technologies, and working with esteemed developers and hotel operators to ensure excellent results in every project.  

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About Almal Investments:  

Almal Investments is an award-winning dynamic investment and development firm headquartered in Dubai, UAE. Specializing in high-yield projects within the hospitality and residential sectors, the company leverages extensive expertise in investments, real estate, and construction. 

The developer’s residential portfolio includes the Harrisoni La Mer in Dubai, a two-floor luxury haven that seamlessly blends meticulous design inspired by Arabic traditions with a European lifestyle. These fully furnished villas offer a retreat from the world, radiating comfort and style. 

Within the hospitality sector, Almal’s standout project is a luxury hotel and residence situated on the beachfront line of Al Marjan Island in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. Serving as the flagship project, it boasts nearly 400 room keys, diverse dining options, and entertainment facilities. This endeavor signifies Almal’s commitment to redefining luxury hospitality experiences. 

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